In the heart of the South-West of France, the country of Armagnac is a fascinating region which arouses the curiosity of visitors. Located approximately in the center of a triangle formed by three major cities - Bordeaux, Pau and Toulouse - Armagnac extends over three departments (Gers, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne), straddling two administrative regions, Occitanie and New Aquitaine.

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The Celtiberian origins of Armagnac

The history of Armagnac dates back to ancient times, as reported by Diodorus of Sicily, a Greek geographer from the 1st century BC. The first inhabitants of this land, the Celtiberians, were known for their fierce resistance to the Roman centurions. These peoples, called Elusates, Lectorates, mark the beginning of a rich and complex history. Despite their initial lack of enthusiasm, they were unified by Emperor Augustus into a great Aquitaine stretching from the Loire to the Pyrenees.

Autonomy and prosperity under Novempopulania

Towards the end of the 3rd century, these peoples obtained recognition of autonomy within the same province, Novempopulania, with the capital Elusa (today Eauze, pronounced "roze"). This period was marked by relative peace, despite occasional incursions by barbaric peoples such as the Vandals. The autonomy granted to Novempopulanie allowed the different peoples to develop crafts and trade, and to maintain close relations with the Iberian world and the Orient. The ancient routes crossing and along the Pyrenees, such as the Salt Route, played a crucial role in these exchanges.

Armagnac today

The country of Armagnac is more than just a geographical region. It is a territory rich in history, culture and traditions. Traces of its Celtiberian and Roman past are still visible through the archaeological sites, historical monuments and traditions that continue to live in the hearts of the inhabitants. Armagnac is also famous for its eponymous eau-de-vie, a specialty that attracts spirits lovers from around the world.

Exploring Armagnac

We discover a territory with an exceptional heritage, and a dynamic region which has managed to preserve its identity while opening up to the world. Whether through its picturesque landscapes, its gastronomy, its history or its traditions, Armagnac offers a unique experience.

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