Bas Armagnac - Blend - 12 years


Intense aromas of cocoa, spices, flowers, and subtle vanilla

Immerse yourself in an exceptional sensory experience with our Armagnac. Captivating aromas of cocoa, spices, flowers, and vanilla will captivate your senses. On the palate, a frank and round attack offers perfect balance and exquisite freshness, revealing a remarkable complexity of aromas. The lingering finish will leave you savoring every moment of this unforgettable experience.


On the nose, Armargnac reveals powerful aromas such as cocoa, spices, flowers with more subtle touches of vanilla.

Main posé sur un arbre


On the palate, this 12-year-old blend attacks in a frank, round and delicious way, maintaining a beautiful balance and great freshness.

Verre rempli d'Armagnac


The color of our Armagnacs only derives its amber hue from aging in oak barrels, creating a symphony of rich woody aromas.

Photo de Gilles et Jean de Boisséson marchant dans les vignes du château de Lacquy


This 12-year-old blend was rewarded in 2017. It received the IWSC London silver medal, for its complexity and authenticity.

Marks of distinction

The oak barrel

Each Lacquy Armagnac embodies an exceptional commitment to the mastery of wood and distillate, marking the identity of Lacquy since 1711. This translates into our permanent quest for excellence, aiming to create exceptional Armagnacs.

Our Armagnacs are distinguished by the use of premium oak barrels, essential to the uniqueness of Lacquy.
Rigorously selected on the property and in French forests, these barrels, meeting strict criteria, are at the heart of our know-how.

Oak plays a key role in defining the quality, natural color and aromatic characteristics of our Bas-Armagnacs.

Aging takes place in these barrels, where the spirit evolves in silence, acquiring over time the qualities necessary for its maturation. These oak barrels are instrumental in providing the quality, natural color and distinctive aromatic profile, which are the very essence of Château de Lacquy Armagnacs.