Bas Armagnac - Blend - 3 years


Aromas of white fruits, such as stewed vanilla pear and candied orange.

Explore an exceptional sensory experience with our Armagnac. Its light amber color, brilliant and limpid, announces a refined tasting. Elegant aromas of white fruits, such as vanilla compote pear and candied orange, delicately emerge. On the palate, a frank attack reveals perfect balance and exquisite freshness, supported by balanced woodiness. The persistent roundness offers an unforgettable experience, to be savored fully. A delight to enjoy with Aix calissons for exceptional harmony.


On the nose, Armagnac reveals powerful aromas such as aromas of white fruits, such as vanilla compote pear and candied orange.

Main posé sur un arbre


On the palate it is frank, creating a nice balance while maintaining freshness.

Verre rempli d'Armagnac


The color of our Armagnacs has a light, bright and limpid amber hue.

Photo de Gilles et Jean de Boisséson marchant dans les vignes du château de Lacquy


This 3-year-old blend was rewarded in 2019. It received the Gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Marks of distinction


At Château de Lacquy, distillation is a meticulous art that brings to life the unique essence of each grape variety. From the vinification from October to November, the still, a real treasure dating from 1939, takes over. Made up of 3 tonnes of copper and 90 meters of coil, this continuous heating still, heated with wood, is the ideal companion for shaping Armagnac. Its slow process, distilling 2 to 3 420 liter barrels per day, offers a clear and transparent eau-de-vie, measuring between 52% and 54% alcohol, rich in fruity aromas and devoid of aggressiveness. Each distillation is a unique journey, celebrating the authenticity and singularity of each vintage. The armagnac thus obtained is natural, preserving its character without adding wood or caramel, a real pearl resulting from the wood fire and the know-how of Château de Lacquy.