At Lacquy Castle

Agroecology and the preservation of our natural heritage are at the heart of our commitments. Since 1711, we have cultivated our land in harmony with the fauna and flora, integrating fruit trees, vegetable gardens, hedges and an oak forest into our plots. Our approach to quality and sustainability is reflected in our choice of local oak and our collaboration with a local cooper.

Discover our manual production process and our distillation know-how, which have earned us numerous awards. Learn how to choose and taste an Armagnac thanks to our glossary and expert advice. Join us in our eco-responsible approach and enjoy exceptional products, reflections of our terroir and our passion.

Agroforestry at the heart of our production

The Lacquy estate combines agroforestry, polyculture and preservation of biodiversity to create a harmonious and sustainable agricultural ecosystem. At Château de Lacquy we are committed to the environment.

Quality and durability from local oak and cooper craftsmanship

At Château de Lacquy have combined quality, sustainability and local know-how by using some of our own oaks and sourcing from an artisan cooper to create exceptional products.

Manual labor

At the Lacquy estate, manual work is essential to create exceptional Armagnacs. The bottles, corks, capsules and cases are produced locally, reflecting our commitment to quality, tradition and terroir. The barrels, made by a local cooper.

At the distillation

Our traditional production process using an eco-friendly, water-free, wood-fired still to create an authentic, quality spirit.

In the vineyard

Discover our sandy soils, our organic conversion, our selection of grape varieties and our plant cover which produce light and fine wines. This vine which allows us to offer an organic Armagnac of excellence.


Learn the key terms and specific expressions to better understand and appreciate the richness of this exceptional spirit. This glossary helps you better understand the process.

How to choose an Armagnac?

Our grape varieties: Baco, Folle Blanche and Colombard. Choose from the award-winning years (1990, 1996, 2001, etc.) or our blends (3 years, 7 years) to taste exceptional Armagnacs in various containers: 50cl or 70cl bottles, oval carafe, 150cl magnum or 250cl pot.

This guide aims to guide you in your choices.

How to taste your Armagnac?

Armagnac as a digestive with dark chocolate or Cuban cigars.

You will discover its complex aromas in a tulip glass, tasting it slowly to reveal its notes of fruit, flowers, spices and cocoa. A unique, gourmet experience to be enjoyed in moderation.

Our rewards

Here our award-winning spirits, testament to our know-how, our meticulous attention to detail and our passion for Armagnac. Our exceptional vintages, recognized for their aromatic richness, their subtle balance and their remarkable length in the mouth. A sensory journey through time and the history of Château de Lacquy awaits you.

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