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The word "alcohol" originates from the Arabic "al Kuhl" (which evolved into "khôl"), originally referring to the black powder obtained by heating antimony sulfide. This powder was used for eye makeup.

The term "alcohol"

The term "alcohol" eventually came to refer to aqua vitae, distilled around 1100 at the School of Medicine in Salerno, Italy. Later, Ambroise Paré described alcohol in a treatise in 1545, defining it as a miraculous solution for cleaning wounds. It was a product obtained through distillation, a process that separated its various components.

The chemical evolution of the term "alcohol"

Over the centuries, the word "alcohol" evolved from denoting specific substances to a generic term encompassing a wide range. This evolution reflects the progression of chemistry as a science and our broadened appreciation for spirits.

The sublimation of wine

Armagnac is the result of alchemy. The transformation of wine into a brandy with complex aromas is an act of sublimation. Heat releases the most subtle essences, resulting in a flavorful Armagnac.

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