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Armagnac draws its origins from the depths of history, more precisely from the Middle Ages, in the fertile lands of Gascony. Although its exact creator remains a mystery, its history is a fascinating journey through time and legends.

The birth of Armagnac is closely linked to the distillation of wine.

This technique was probably introduced to the region by the Arabs during their trade with medieval Europe. However, the man who truly refined this method is often referred to as "Father Labat".

Father Labat, a 17th century Franciscan monk.

A scholar with a passion for studying distillation techniques. His work brought significant improvements to the distillation process, contributing to the rise of Armagnac as a distinctive spirit of Gascony.

The history of Armagnac is a tissue of legends and mysteries.

It would be simplistic to attribute its creation to a single person. What is certain is that Gascony, with its unique terroir and artisanal know-how, gave birth to an exceptional wine tradition which evolved to create the Armagnac we savor today.

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