How to taste your Armagnac?

There are many ways to drink Armagnac but the best way, in our opinion, is to drink it as a digestif, that is, after a good lunch or a good dinner, enjoying good conversation and perhaps a square of good dark chocolate or a good Cuban cigar.

The glass Armagnac is served in is also very important. We recommend the tulip-shaped snifter for spirits made by Lehmann or Riedel. These beautiful glasses are available in our shop.

You must begin by sniffing the Armagnac, drawing in the complex aromas, by swirling it gently in the glass. There is no need to heat it, unless you are at the North Pole or in the process of climbing Annapurna. Then, you should raise it to your mouth. Be sure to salivate before sipping, that way the heat of the Armagnac will not burn your mouth. Once it touches your palate, savour the Armagnac on your taste buds and let the complex tastes unfold. Swallow slowly, the tastes linger on the palate for a long time.

Depending on the Armagnac you are sipping, the aromas and tastes include fresh fruit – white fruit and red fruit – flowers (lilac, reseda, certain roses…), spices (vanilla, black pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, liquorice…), candied fruits such as lemon peel, orange peel, prune, apricot…), pastry notes (crème brulée, brioche, toasted and buttered bread…), cocoa, blond tobacco, leather…

Try alternating a bite of dark chocolate and a sip of Armagnac: this gives extreme sensations … Good chocolate (dark of course) from Kenya, Costa Rica, Guinea, Brazil, Peru go amazing well with the incredible aromas of Armagnac.