In the vineyard

Our first particularity is our ground which is made of sand. This allows us to produce light and fine wines. The sandy soils of Château de Lacquy are warm and airy, which allows them to retain some water.

Our particularities :

  • Adoption of organic conversion (absence of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, reasonable use of copper and sulfur, higher trellising for better ventilation, etc.)
  • Meticulous selection of grape varieties (notably Baco, reintroduction of an old variety a few years ago, and planting of fat this year).

Plant cover
In order to promote biodiversity in our soils, while preserving them from heat and enriching them with natural nutrients, we sow various plants (such as clover, radish, fava bean, spring oats and vetch) immediately after the harvest. These plants grow throughout the winter to reach a height of around fifty centimeters, then are mechanically laid down in spring to form an ecologically virtuous mulch.

One line drawing of a bunch of grapes.