Manual labor

Manual work occupies a central place in the process of producing our Armagnacs at the Lacquy estate. Each step, carefully orchestrated by expert hands, demonstrates our commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Our bottles, proudly produced in the Gers, are the result of manual know-how combining precision and excellence. The stoppers and capsules, all of French origin, add an additional touch of refinement to our products. The cases, made locally in the Gers, highlight our commitment to promoting regional talent.

The barrels that house our Armagnacs are also the result of exceptional manual work. Made just a few kilometers from the Château by a local cooper, they embody tradition and quality, adding an authentic dimension to our production.

At the heart of every gesture, manual labor at Château de Lacquy represents much more than a simple production method; it is a tribute to tradition, quality and authenticity. Each element, shaped by expert hands, contributes to the development of exceptional Armagnacs, the result of a harmonious marriage between human talent and passion for our terroir.

Image of a hill and vineyard