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The South-West of France, a region where culture and gastronomy meet in a harmonious blend. Offering a unique experience to lovers of good food. Between the Gironde and the Atlantic, Gascon is the language of the land, but it is in the plates that we discover the true essence of this region. According to Gilbert Sourbédère, the visitor is welcomed by the lilting accent of the locals, the traditional beret and the unmistakable aroma of garlic. But what really sets this region apart is its culinary specialty: confit.

The confit

This local technique: confit is a means of preserving meat in its own fat, is an emblematic culinary practice of this geographical area. Whether pork, goose or duck, this preservation method has no equal elsewhere in France. To learn about this art, there's nothing like immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the gras markets, where you can discover and buy exceptional products.

These markets

These markets are held from November to March, mainly in the morning. They are spread across several towns: Monday in Samatan and Mirepoix, Tuesday in Aire-sur-l'Adour and Fleurance, and so on, covering almost every day of the week. The opening of markets is an event in itself, with a precise signal that triggers a rush for quality products. It is advisable to arrive on time so as not to miss this unique experience.

The Goose Museum

For those wishing to deepen their knowledge, the small Goose and Duck Museum in Gimont is an essential stop. It offers a historical, fun and gastronomic overview of these delicacies. Gourmet courses are also offered, allowing you to learn how to choose and prepare foie gras, with a diploma from the Circle of Foie Gras Preparers being the key.

Armagnac to accompany foie gras

The region's farm inns are ideal places to discover local cuisine and learn traditional preparation techniques. To accompany foie gras, a few drops of Armagnac added before cooking provide an inimitable flavor.

Beyond gastronomy, the South-West is a region where the cultural heritage is rich. Goose and duck feathers, once used for writing, may have disappeared, but the charm of these birds remains intact in regional cuisine.

A visit to the South-West of France is a way to discover a rich culture and exceptional gastronomy, where confit and foie gras occupy pride of place.

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