Bas Armagnac - Blend - 30 years


Aromas of spices, vanilla, cocoa, and wild flowers.

Immerse yourself in an exceptional sensory experience with our Armagnac. From the nose, its soft and expressive expression transports you through captivating notes of spices, vanilla, cocoa, and wild flowers.


On the nose, this blend is very expressive but remains sweet with these floral, cocoa and spice notes.

Main posé sur un arbre


On the palate, this 30-year-old blend attacks in a manner
very long and creamy.

Verre rempli d'Armagnac


The color of this Armagnacs has a deep red amber color, limpid and brilliant with golden reflections.

Marks of distinction


Blending Lacquy bottles is the art of creating exceptional Armagnac. Each barrel, carefully chosen, is tasted in order to offer a quality Armagnac. After maturing in 4000 liter tuns, the Armagnacs return to 420 liter barrels. They rest there until bottling, two years before sale. The exceptional quality of the estate's Armagnacs excludes any addition, preserving their authenticity. Each vintage offers a variety of aromas, expertly harmonized during blending. Some exceptional barrels are preserved intact as Unique Barrels, adding a rare touch to this artisanal tradition. The assembly, carried out with precision, crowns the process, creating a unique Armagnac.