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Armagnac, this emblematic brandy from the South-West of France, is much more than a simple spirit. It is the reflection of an authentic terroir, artisanal know-how and a rich history. Thanks to its traditional production methods, Armagnac comes in a multitude of varieties, offering a unique taste experience with each tasting. Whether as an aperitif, at the heart of a meal or as a digestive, there is an Armagnac for every occasion and for every budget.

The names of Armagnac
To navigate the different expressions of Armagnac, it is essential to understand the classification system based on age. The youngest Armagnac in the blend determines its category. Age indications such as 15, 20, 25, 30 years always refer to the age of the youngest eau-de-vie in the blend .

The different categories of Armagnac

The Three Stars or VS: 

(Very Special) for aging for at least one year.
With its straw yellow color and golden reflections, VS offers a dominant fruity flavor, with woody and spicy touches. It is particularly appreciated in cooking, for flambéing kidneys or flavoring foie gras.

The VSOP: 

(Very Superior Old Pale) for four years, Napoléon or Vieille Réserve for six years.
VSOP is distinguished by its balance between cooked fruit aromas and woody-spicy notes. It is ideal as an aperitif, neat or in cocktails, and goes wonderfully with sweet and sour dishes or gourmet desserts.

The Hors d’Âge or XO:

(Extra Old) for ten years and over. Age indications such as 15, 20, 25, 30 years
The XO, with its aromatic richness and its length in the mouth, represents the top of the range of blends. It is perfect to end an evening, accompanied by chocolate sweets or a good cigar.

Vintage Armagnacs, memory of the country
Vintage Armagnacs are specific to the region, corresponding to a single year of harvest. They capture the essence of a particular year, with its challenges and successes. Armagnac houses offer exceptional ranges of vintages, offering unique and memorable tasting experiences.

Armagnac, more than a spirit
Armagnac also bears witness to historical and personal moments. He accompanied soldiers during the landing on the island of Oléron in 1945, and was the center of landmark celebrations, such as the 50th anniversary of Alaska's entry into the American Union.

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