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Coffret Découverte 2010 monocépages

Box of 2010 single varietals

49% vol. alc. - 3 x 20cl - Folle blanche / Baco / Colombard

129€ the 70cl bottle

A unique offering of single varietals from the same vintage and the same property, to be discovered and shared.


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Collection Découverte – Château de Lacquy’s varietals (vintage 2010)

In November 2023, Château de Lacquy is launching a box bringing together a single-varietal offering of the three varieties it cultivates: Folle blanche, Baco and Colombard, in the 2010 vintage.

From the vineyard to the bottling, through the harvest, the vinification (use of the free-run juice and the first press juice only, temperature-controlled vinification), the distillation in our wood-fired traditional Armagnac still dating from 1939, then the aging in Gascon oak barrels made by Gilles Bartholomo a few kilometers away from the property, each of the elements influencing the final product has been carefully treated identically. And yet, these grape varieties give, on this unique site, very distinct profiles, which is an opportunity for the neophyte consumer or the enlightened amateur to (re)discover the richness and diversity of the Armagnac appellation in general and the armagnacs produced at Château de Lacquy in particular.

3 x 20cl bottles in a premium box

Alcohol content at bottling:

Distillation date:
November 2010

Grape varieties:
Folle blanche 100% – Baco 100% – Colombard 100%

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Coffret de 3 x 20cl

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