How to choose an Armagnac?

Choose one of our different grape varieties:

Baco (8ha): A highly disease-resistant hybrid that replaced Piquepoult (Folle-Blanche) destroyed by phylloxera at the end of the 19th century. It produces a powerful, full-bodied armagnac that is long on the palate, ages well and retains all its qualities with age. It is characterised by aromas of prunes, violets, honey and spices. Most of today's old Armagnacs are made from this variety.

Folle Blanche (6ha): Re-planted in 2002 to revive the tradition of this grape variety, the source of the sumptuous armagnacs of yesteryear. It produces Armagnacs of great finesse, floral and long on the palate, with hints of candied citrus fruit and cocoa.

Colombard (6ha): A rare grape variety in Armagnac for distillation wines, it produces fruity, round Armagnacs with candied fruit and floral aromas.

Ugni- Blanc: The majority of the appellation is no longer distilled at Château de Lacquy due to its inferior organoleptic qualities in this terroir.

Blend of grape varieties: For taste explorers, the blend of grape varieties represents a sensory adventure. Each sip offers a variety of flavours, creating a rich and diverse experience. This bold choice reveals the complexity and depth of Armagnac, the result of the subtle art of blending.

Choosing your Armagnac: Award-winning years at Château de Lacquy

For discerning Armagnac connoisseurs, the choice of year is of paramount importance, as each vintage bears the imprint of time and the unique characteristics of its harvest. At Château de Lacquy, this quest for excellence is enhanced by award-winning years, offering exceptional and prestigious elixirs.

The years that have won awards at Château de Lacquy bear witness to exceptional quality, the result of ancestral know-how and meticulous attention to detail. These award-winning years include the 1990, 1991, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2007 vintages.

The 1990 vintage, for example, was honoured for its perfect balance of power and elegance. The complex notes and deep aromas make this year a sought-after option for discerning connoisseurs. Similarly, the 1996 vintage was praised for its refined character, reflecting ideal weather conditions during the harvest.

The award-winning years at Château de Lacquy are often the result of clement weather, optimum ripening of the grapes, and unrivalled expertise in the distillation and ageing process. These exceptional vintages are distinguished by their aromatic richness, subtle balance and remarkable length on the palate.

To guide your choice among the award-winning years, it's essential to consider your personal preferences. If you appreciate controlled power, the 2001 vintage could be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you're looking for a more delicate, nuanced experience, the 1995 vintage might be better suited to your expectations. What's more, choosing an Armagnac from the award-winning years at Château de Lacquy gives you the opportunity to taste exceptional spirits that bear witness to the centuries-old heritage of this prestigious house. Each bottle becomes a window onto a particular year, capturing the very essence of its terroir and the craftsmanship that characterises Château de Lacquy. A sensory journey that transcends time, inviting wine-lovers to savour history in every sip.


Choose your container

50cl bottle: Opt for elegance in a smaller format. The 50cl bottle is perfect for an intimate tasting session or as a gift. A refined experience at your fingertips.

70cl bottle: The essential classic. This standard-sized 70cl bottle is ideal for enjoying your favourite Armagnac over and over again. A practical choice that's always appreciated.

70cl decanter (oval shape): Enhance your tasting experience with the 70cl oval decanter. Sophisticated and elegant, this option adds a touch of luxury to every glass of Armagnac.

Magnum 150cl: For special occasions, there's nothing like the Magnum 150cl. This imposing bottle is perfect for sharing at special celebrations, adding a touch of grandeur to your festive moments.

250cl jar: Treat yourself to extended generosity with the 250cl jar. Ideal for Armagnac lovers who want to prolong the pleasure of their favourite spirit. A generous container for memorable moments.