Our Armagnacs

Blending and Bottling

Blending is a decisive phase and is the very last step in the long process of making Armagnac.

The contents of each barrel are first tasted then selected based on the intrinsic qualities of the Armagnacs they hold.

The selected Armagnacs are then mixed together in a tank, they are stirred then aerated, then left to rest in casks for several months. After that, they go back into the 420-litre barrels where they stay until they are bottled. The Armagnac only goes from the barrel into the bottle when sales require it.

The exceptional quality of our Armagnacs and of their ageing conditions enable us to banish every substance unfortunately authorised by the Appellation decree. We do not need or use any addition of sugar, caramel, wood products or any other substance whatsoever. Each and every vintage offers an overwhelming palette of different Armagnacs: different varietals, seasoned barrels, new barrels, low, medium or high heat all give rise to complex aromas of flowers, red fruit, white fruit, apricot, mango, citrus, spice, pepper, cocoa, vanilla, tobacco, crème brûlée, toasted bread, chocolate, hazelnut…

Blending these different Armagnacs together results in unique, exceptional finished products. For a given vintage, we select several barrels from the same year. Sometimes barrels of different varietals, sometimes barrels of a single varietal. For blending different ages, we generally select barrels of different varietals from 5 different years.

Sometimes a barrel stands out uniquely, due to such superb balance that it deserves to be kept intact. These are our rare Fûts Uniques, or Single Barrel Armagnacs.

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