In visiting this website, you are going to discover an estate in Gascony with deep roots in a terroir where grapevines have thrived since Gallo-Roman times. The estate, Château de Lacquy, has been in the same family since 1711. And since 1711, it has been devoted to producing outstanding Armagnac in the very purest tradition. Armagnac from Château de Lacquy is an entirely natural product made from the coming together of wine, fire and oak. It is a unique product that results from 300 years of experience and patience.
Widely recognised for its terroir that gives rise to eaux-de-vie with layers of complexity and smoothness, Château de Lacquy invites Armagnac lovers to discover a concentrate of the countryside in which the Château is set: moss-covered oak trees home to lichen and epiphytic ferns, ever-present on our grounds and in our forests, the beautiful light of Gascony that fills the countryside, the Pyrenees that stand out against the horizon, the flights of migratory birds heading south, the wild animals that make their home here, the layers of morning fog, the scent of woodsy mushrooms, the flowering acacias and linden trees.


Notre Gamme,

The range of the Bas-Armagnacs from Château de Lacquy includes vintages selected each year and which change from one year to the next. Blends of ages which are of constant quality over time, numbered Single Barrels in limited quantity, and the Carafe des Siècles.


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