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7 ans

7 ans

40.5° - Folle blanche, Baco and Colombard

69€ la bouteille de 70cl

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A blend of Armagnacs from 5 different years and 3 different grape varieties. The youngest component is 7 years old. All aged in oak barrels in our wine cellar until the present time. Beautifully elegant with notes of white fruit, nose of pear compote with spice. Fleshy and full, this eau-de-vie is long and mellow on the palate.

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Alcohol content at bottling:
40.5° reduced with petites eaux and aeration

Distillation date:
The youngest vintage in this blend has spent 5 years in oak barrels after distillation and before blending, and the blend will age another two years in 420-liter barrels before availability for sale.

Tasting Notes:
Light amber robe with glints of green, brilliant and limpid. Elegant nose with aromas of white fruit, notes of pear compote with spices.  Straightforward attack on the palate, lovely balance and freshness. Never-ending length on the palate. Lovely lingering retro-nasal olfaction is totally fruit-forward.

Blending method:
2 years old before bottling

Double gold medal in the 2017 San Francisco World Spirit Competition

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