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30 years old

30 years old

43,5% vol. alc - Baco, Ugni-blanc

348€ the 70cl bottle

Blend of Armagnacs from over twenty different years, the youngest of which is 30 years old. Aged with no reduction up until the present time, in oak barrels in our wine cellar. Aromas of spices, vanilla, cocoa, crème brûlée and fresh flowers (violet, resedas). Layers of complexity, powerful structure, intense length that is creamy and redolent of spice, flowers and candied fruits.

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Alcohol content at bottling:
43.5°, no reduction

Distillation date:
The youngest Armagnac in this blend was distilled in 1985.

Tasting Notes:
Deep red amber robe, limpid and brilliant with gold reflections. Very expressive, mild nose with notes of spices, vanilla and wildflowers. Very complex, powerful structure, long and creamy on the palate finishing on notes of spices, flowers and candied fruits.

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