47° - Baco et Ugni Blanc

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80% Baco and 20% Ugni-blanc Armagnac, distilled in November 1996 and aged in 420-litre oak barrels in the wine cellars at Château de Lacquy. A great deal of finesse, devoid of aggressivity. Ripe fruit aromas, with hints of spices. Superb balance and elegance. Totally suave and mellow.

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Weather conditions: 
After a mild, wet winter, the vines were way ahead of schedule, and the perspective of the infamous “Saints de Glace” or Ice Saints in May was daunting. May was indeed chilly, but there was no frost. After the month of May, warm weather set in, interspersed with storms, and held forth until harvest. An outstanding vintage.

Alcohol content at bottling:

Distillation date:
November 1996

Grape Varieties:
80% Baco
20% Ugni-blanc

Tasting Notes:
Colour: light amber, golden reflections, limpid and brilliant. The nose is full of finesse with no aggressiveness, excellent balance, heaps of maturity, aromas ripe plum, pear and apricot with nuances of mango. Light and mild on the palate, poised intensity, easy-to-drink, superb balance and elegance. The aromas on the nose come through on the palate with great depth and plenitude. Outstanding length, beautifully rounded.

2014 Gold medal at the IWSC in London. 2011 Silver medal at the Paris  Concours agricole.

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