47° - Baco et Ugni Blanc

121€ the 70cl bottle

80% Baco and 20% Ugni-blanc Armagnac distilled in November 1993 and aged on oak in the Château de Lacquy wine cellars until bottling. Still powerful, no aggressivity, aromas of verbena, white fruit and a speck of menthol.

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Weather conditions: 
The year started out wet and stayed wet until flowering, which caused some failed fruit setting. Very hot and dry in August and early September. Harvest got underway in late September, in the rain, giving relatively low alcohol rates in the wine.

Alcohol content at bottling:

Distillation date:
November 1993

Grape Varieties:
80% Baco
20% Ugni-blanc

Tasting Notes:
Spicy nose with a hint of verbena, spices and peppery notes. Fresh and long on the palate, layers of complexity and amplitude. Flavours of fruit confit, spice, an inkling of white flowers.

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