47° - Baco et Ugni Blanc

151€ the 70cl bottle

Vintage Armagnac Baco (80%) Ugni-blanc (20%) aged since 1988 in wood barrels at Château de Lacquy.

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Weather conditions: 
The spring sun shone during bud break and continued into flowering, followed by a dry summer interspersed with storms. Warm Indian summer with no rain lasted up to harvest and gave good concentration in the wines. Quantites were low, alcohol content was high.

Alcohol content at bottling:

Distillation date:
November 1988

Grape Varieties:
80% Baco
20% Ugni-blanc

Tasting Notes:
Bouquet of spice, heady notes of pepper and vanilla, flavours that then come through on the palate. There is great finesse, freshness and length. Layers of complexity, full amplitude. Notes of roasted almond with a finale on cocoa.

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