1986 fût n°13

44° - Baco 80% - Ugni-blanc 20%

217€ the 70cl bottle

An Armagnac 80% Baco 20% Ugni-blanc distilled in 1986 and aged since then in oak barrels in the cellars of the Château de Lacquy. Aromas of spices, candied fruit and citrus fruits. A long length in the mouth and a suave finish.

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Weather conditions:

After a cool and normally rainy winter, May was very hot and the vines caught up, flowering in mid-June. The summer is hot and dry, some rain at the end of September and the harvest begins at the beginning of October. A classic year with very healthy viges and an excellent wine.

Bottling alcohol content:

44 °

Date of distillation:

November 1986

Grape varieties:

80% Baco, 20% Ugni-blanc

Tasting notes:

Color: dark orange golden and shiny.
Nose: Powerful and fine. Subtle spicy aromas with a dominant peppery flavor.
Palate: Tannic brandy and long finish. Flavors of toasted almonds and spices. Cocoa aftertaste. Powerful, woody, frank, with great amplitude.

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