44° - Baco - Ugni-blanc

233€ the 70cl bottle

An Armagnac 100% Baco distilled in 1984 and aged since then in oak barrels in the cellars of the Château de Lacquy. Aromas of spices, candied fruit and citrus fruits. A long length in the mouth and a suave finish.

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Weather conditions: 
a cold, wet winter results in a late bud break and a few drippings at flowering. Summer is hot and dry. The harvest takes place in October with wet and hot weather, resulting in concentrated wines and relatively high alcohol levels.

Alcohol content at bottling:

Distillation date:
November 1984

Grape Varieties:
80% Baco
20% Ugni-blanc

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Finesse and freshness. Dominant aromas of candied fruit (plum and apricot). Palate: Powerful, full-bodied and long. Strong brandy, but with a very rich range of fruit aromas (apricot, lemon, plum)

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