45° Baco

247€ the 70cl bottle

100% Baco Armagnac distilled in 1978 and since that year, ageing on oak in the wine cellars at Château de Lacquy. Spice, leather and wood, hints of vanilla and citrus. Outstanding length on the palate, a very suave finish.

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Weather conditions: 
Chilly rain in the springtime resulted in late bud break, followed by an early summer that was also cold and wet. Nice weather and welcome heat settled in as of 10 August, and the weather stayed that way through to grape harvest in early October under brilliant sunshine. The grapes were in the peak of health and give wine that had a fairly high sugar content.

Alcohol content at bottling:

Distillation date:
November 1978

Grape Varieties:
100% Baco

Tasting Notes:
This Armagnac is still lively, with a spicy woodsy nose and dashes of vanilla and citrus. Powerful mouth, dominated by spice and leather. Very long on the palate with a suave finish.

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