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1978 – fût n°19LP

43% vol. alc. - 100% Baco

516€ the 70cl bottle

Les Fûts Uniques

A single cask and caskstrength 100% Baco Armagnac, distilled in 1978 and still ageing in oak in our cellars at Château de Lacquy. Aromas of spices, cocoa, fresh small flowers. A long length in the mouth and a suave finish.

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Weather conditions:
After a mild and rainy winter, the budding of the vines begins at the end of March. The cold spring slows this advance in vegetation and flowering begins slowly in early June, the weather remaining cold until mid-August. Finally a hot and dry weather sets in until October and the harvest takes place in the best conditions.

Bottling alcohol content:
43 °

Date of distillation:
November 1978

Grape varieties:
100% Baco

Tasting notes:
Color: dark orange golden and shiny.
Nose: Lots of finesse. Subtle spicy aromas with a dominant peppery flavor.
Palate: Fresh and long-lasting brandy. Finesse and lightness. Flavors of toasted almonds. Cocoa aftertaste. Powerful, woody, frank, with great amplitude.

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