Our Armagnacs

The Armagnacs from Château de Lacquy are widely recognised for their elegance, their finesse, their roundness, their lingering finish and their superb aromatic complexity. Armagnacs from Château de Lacquy are highly feminine, devoid of aggressivity and beautifully balanced. They develop infinite aromas of fresh fruit, candied fruit, spice, tobacco, cocoa, vanilla, walnut, cream, toasted brioche and other notes. Each year, each blend differs from previous years and gives unique complexity. You discover, explore and learn … responsibly…

Armagnac from Château de Lacquy means:

  • Outstanding terroir that gives rise to the finest eaux-de-vie;
  • 22 hectares of grapevines;
  • Three grape varietals: Baco, Folle-blanche and Colombard;
  • Grape harvest, wine-making, distillation and ageing varietal by varietal;
  • Distillation uses a traditional Armagnac still over wood heat;
  • Ageing in traditional 420-litre oak barrels;
  • Use of 40 to 50% new wood with each new harvest;
  • No addition of any outside products (woodsy, sugars, colouring etc.);
  • Bottling as sales require.


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