New: two single varietals in the 2001 vintage

We are launching two new releases in our “Les Fûts Uniques” collection, monovarietal and caskstrength 2001 vintage Armagnacs: one 100% baco (cask N°320) and one 100% colombard (cask N°144).
Two masterpieces, for lovers of unique eaux-de-vie.
The vintages of Château de Lacquy are now exclusively sold in the form of “Fûts Uniques” (or “single casks”), bearing on their label the cask number, the bottle number, and the grape varieties used. In Lacquy everything is excellence, high standards and transparency… and a further step towards this transparency has just been taken, since last year the Château launched 3 Single Varietal Casks of the 2007 vintage (100% Baco, 100% Folle Blanche and 100% Colombard), and has -as mentioned above- just selected two more from the 2001 vintage this year.