Château de Lacquy


This page covers current events at the estate. Current events of course entail ups and downs in what is going on at the estate. You will also find news of the grape harvest, distillation, information on the vines, the environment, updates on our clientele, on new markets and new countries. Current events also include concerts organised on our grounds, the arrival of the wood pigeons, the appearance of the very first cèpes (boletus mushrooms), the happy mood of our bees… and generally speaking all kinds of information that lets our friends from around the world know what is going on at the estate just now – in other words, sharing insights and information that let our friends dream away and escape to our beloved part of France.

The vine benefited from the dry and mild winter and the vegetation took a lead of several weeks, causing fears of late April and early May frost. The temperature fell to -1 ° C but did not affect the vineyard at Lacquy. The vegetation was not slowed by the cold and the rains of May and beginning of June, the flower began on all the grape varieties. We are still two weeks in advance and the vine has been almost fully raised and trimmed. The 2019 vintage promises to be beautiful if the weather becomes hot and we have no hail.