Château de Lacquy


This page covers current events at the estate. Current events of course entail ups and downs in what is going on at the estate. You will also find news of the grape harvest, distillation, information on the vines, the environment, updates on our clientele, on new markets and new countries. Current events also include concerts organised on our grounds, the arrival of the wood pigeons, the appearance of the very first cèpes (boletus mushrooms), the happy mood of our bees… and generally speaking all kinds of information that lets our friends from around the world know what is going on at the estate just now – in other words, sharing insights and information that let our friends dream away and escape to our beloved part of France.

24 September 2018

The 2018 grape harvest started on 17 September with the Folles Blanches: magnificent grapes, in perfect health, full of juice, lots of pulp, 8% sugar content. Vinification started immediately. Outside temperature was 35°C. To maintain the must at 26°C, it had to be chilled.