Château de Lacquy

The Climate

The estate lies at 120 meters altitude, at the edge of the Landes forest and the sloping hillsides of the Gers area, at the very heart of the region known as the “Grand-Bas-Armagnac” or “Armagnac Noir” due to the prolific oak forests with their dense foliage, and renowned for the exceptional finesse of its Armagnacs.

The area has an oceanic climate and is generally mild and humid. Though the weather is influenced and tempered by the nearby Atlantic Ocean, summers can be very hot and there can be violent storms.  Average temperatures in winter vary from a minimum of 0°C to a maximum of 11°C. Summer temperatures vary from a minimum of 15°C to a maximum of 28°C. Despite these averages, temperatures of -10°C in winter and 38°C in summer occur frequently.

Average rainfall varies from 50mm in July to 100mm in October and comes to an annual average around 1000 mm. There can be a 30°C difference between morning and afternoon temperatures in the summer which gives rise to violent storms. Dominant winds come from the West. There are north-westerly breezes in summertime and in the spring, southern winds can carry sands from the African desert.

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