How to prune the vines

Our Vineyard Manager explains in this video how we prune the vines at Château de Lacquy.

From November the sap goes back down into the roots, the leaves fall, and the vine then begins its winter sleep, its buds – already present for the next cycle – being dormant.
It’s time to grab your pruning shears and prepare the vine for its wake up. This essential work aims at limiting too much development of the vine, reducing the number of buds and therefore of bunches, and ensuring the good growth of the grapes.
At Château de Lacquy we use the “simple Guyot” method: we leave a long vine shoot (with 5 to 8 buds) and a spur (with two buds). The upper branch will form the wand and the lower branch the spur. This pruning system involves trellising.